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            Welcome to Michael Leggerie Piano Instruction Studio! Here's where the enchantment of creating music takes flight:

- Regular attendance at weekly lessons is expected.
- Lessons are held on a weekly basis, beginning with 1-hour sessions either in the studio or virtually via the Microsoft Teams platform upon request.
- We highly encourage daily practice, even if it's just for a few minutes.
- Remember, any amount of practice time is better than none.
- Establishing and sticking to a daily routine is pivotal for consistent progress in your musical journey.

Talking Points from the Instructor


- To ensure focused learning, only students are permitted in the studio during lessons. One-on-one instruction without distractions enhances concentration.
- In exceptional cases, non-student visitors may briefly enter the studio, but we kindly request that this be limited to the last 5 minutes of the lesson to minimize interruptions.
- New students under the age of 10 may have one accompanying person during their initial lessons to help with adjustment.


- Discrimination of any form based on race, ethnicity, sex, gender, or personal preferences will not be tolerated within the context of this contract. I am committed to upholding the highest standards of respect and inclusion, and I kindly request that all parties involved adhere to the same principles. I welcome all potential students who express interest, and any discriminatory actions, negligence, or language will result in the termination of future meetings. This journey is meant to be exciting, fulfilling, and enjoyable, so please leave any negativity at the door.

- During our sessions, please show respect by silencing your mobile devices or stowing them away to minimize distractions.

-To ensure a focused learning environment, kindly refrain from having company join you during the lesson, as our space is limited, and our primary focus should be on the lesson at hand. (Parents/guardians may escort you in if absolutely necessary.)

Respect and Accountability

Discrimination and Negative Behavior

- As we embark on this journey together into the enchanting world of piano and music, I want to emphasize that the most crucial factor in achieving success in this field can be summed up in one word: TIME.

- To truly master this wonderful art, it requires a significant amount of patience and time from both the student and the instructor. While the time spent practicing is undoubtedly vital, I also want to stress the importance of us both (instructor and student) respecting each other's time.

- I am dedicated to providing each of my students with my undivided attention, uninterrupted time, and the wealth of knowledge I've acquired over many years of study. To ensure that we are both fully committed and share a mutual understanding of what is required and expected, I kindly request that you carefully read the guidelines below before confirming your lessons.

- I am fully committed to each of my students and deeply value and appreciate the time you invest in these lessons. After all, time is the one resource we can never reclaim. Thank you for entrusting me to guide you on your learning journey, and I am genuinely excited to witness you reach your fullest potential along the way. Welcome!

Registration and Associated Fees

- A $50 Registration fee is required at the time of scheduling the first lesson to secure your designated time slot. Upon signing and submitting the contract, an invoice will be issued. Lessons are conducted weekly for a 12-month duration. Payment should be submitted in advance of each lesson, irrespective of attendance. Unfortunately, time slots cannot be reserved until the registration fee is paid in full upfront.

- The rate for each lesson is $70 per hour, with each lesson lasting one hour. Longer sessions can be arranged as necessary.

- Payment for each lesson must be made in advance before commencing that specific lesson. Ideally, students should remain paid up to a month in advance to ensure a smooth payment process for all. However, we can discuss minor changes on an as-needed basis.

- In certain circumstances, weekly payments may be accommodated, but this must be approved by me. If approved, I will provide a written agreement, signed by both parties, outlining the terms.

Method of Payments Offered 

  • Pricing Plans via recurring auto payment (please see links below)

  • Credit Card -account must be prepaid 1 month in advance

  • Cash -account must be prepaid 1 month in advance

  • Venmo -account must be prepaid 1 month in advance

  • Personal Check -account must be prepaid 1 month in advance ($35 fee if funds are returned)

  • ACH -coming soon

Length of Agreement Terms 

- The lesson contract is in effect for a duration of 12 months, with weekly lessons scheduled at the agreed-upon day and time slot starting from the first session.

Cancellation and Late Payments

- Funds will not be refunded to the student in the event of a canceled scheduled lesson or if the student does not attend the lesson.

- While occasional lateness can occur, due to the precise scheduling of many students, the one-hour session will commence at the agreed-upon time on the set day, regardless of the student's arrival time.

- A $35 fee will be applied to all late payments made after a one-day grace period from the scheduled lesson date, with an additional daily fee of $10 for each subsequent day until the payment is received and current. Please understand that this fee is not meant as a punishment for the student but is necessary to cover the operating costs of the studio for the missed lesson.


Fill out form below for initial lesson inquiries

Fill out the sign up form after your 1st Lesson is scheduled

Pick a Pricing Plan

Lesson Inquiries and Scheduling

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Complete sign up form once 1st Lesson is scheduled

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Find one that works for you

  • 90 Minute Sessions: $105 per lesson

    Every week
    Valid for 52 weeks
  • 2 Hour Sessions: $140 per lesson

    Every week
    Valid for 52 weeks
  • 60 Minute Session: $70 per lesson

    Every week
    Valid for 52 weeks
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